CCBUK Invites To China Airshow

Sino-British Science and Technology Cooperation to a New Level-Federation of Industry and Commerce Invited to Attend Zhuhai Air Show

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCBUK), as a guest of overseas Chinese chambers of commerce officially invited by the Zhuhai government, attended the 11th China Air Show-China Air Show held in Zhuhai on November 1. The delegation of the Federation of Industry and Commerce was personally led by President Lin Jianbang, accompanied by Executive President Dr. Zhou Lu, Vice President Tan Zhongyao and Zhang Hongwei, President Qiu Fan of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, Director of Beijing Office Wang Yu, and Minister of Finance of High-tech Chamber of Commerce Dr. Yang Bingmei. Zhao Xuejun, deputy director of the Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office, presented the most memorable Zhuhai Air Show with exquisite stamps from the Federation of Industry and Commerce.