Dr. Zhou Lei, chairman of DragonBoat Investment, was invited to participate in the 6th Council of CCPIT

                       On March 10, 2022, the third meeting of the 6th Council of China Council for the promotion of construction and international trade and the executive director meeting and the Symposium on the transformation and upgrading of construction industry in the context of dual carbon were held in Beijing. Dr. Zhou Lei, chairman of DragonBoat Investment, was invited to attend the meeting and employed as an expert member of think tank.

At the meeting, President Li Liping made a work report, summarizing and reviewing the achievements made in 2021 and making key arrangements for the work in 2022. The meeting reviewed and approved the addition of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd., GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd. and CIMC Construction Technology Co., Ltd., three enterprises with important influence in this industry, as vice president units; Newly elected Laiyuan Huazhong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai DragonBoat Investment Management Co., Ltd., Yilin Management Consulting Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Qinghua honeycomb technology development Co., Ltd. as executive director units; Wang Haiyan was newly appointed as the deputy secretary general and Guo Feng was appointed as the director of the industry city integration development professional committee.